1. Mostly thoughts on depression and suicide and police with tanks.

  2. We talk about downsizing, small living movement and why it might be a good idea.

  3. We talk about the deGrasse Tyson photo and Twitter tirades about it, Amazon’s letter to authors and claims about collusion between Hachette and their competitors, torture porn on TV and a few new shows.

  4. What do you think when someone posts about their experiences with a “PLEASE SHARE!” We kinda shy away, usually.

  5. We talk about gambling, people posting atrocity photos daily on social networks, coincidence and randomness and hate on a few new TV shows. We like The Bridge and Rectify, by the way.

  6. Kickstarter disappointments, the disadvantages of crowdfunding when used by established, large corporations.
    Are men different from women in maturity? That’s part of what James and Randy try to resolve with guest Cindy Barraford and Andy Smith.

  7. Prisoners of war, prisoners of the heart. As usual, a wandering discussion of things human, passing through love, death, and judging people in situations where you have never been.

  8. Our guest is a Ukrainian software engineer working in Moscow. We ask about her perception of the two countries and their people(s). The “forlorn” part of the title comes from the difficulty we had with audio and Internet interruptions.

  9. There seems to be a wide and general feeling of entitlement out there today. Are we getting more selfish with each passing year? How about some empathy for others?