1. Have you ever considered where you would be today had you taken a different decision at a fork in the road of life? We did, and the result is Cosmic Noise. Why are so many comparisons of foods “It tastes like chicken.”? We explain why!

  2. We talk about food, metabolisms, allergies, autism and a lot of other things in between.

  3. We talk about winning, losing via debit card hacks and watching Ron Perlman play a crooked judge who gets religion. Cellphone battery life still isn’t up to scratch. How brick and mortar stores can hope to compete with the Zappos of this age.

  4. Frank, candid and honest discussion of Randy’s member in the hands of medical females. Asking celebrities for their opinion about stuff they are not specialized in. Prostate adventures.
    Men! Can’t live with ‘em… Special guest from the Central Time Zone where it’s 5AM: Stuart Yaniger

  5. Don’t ignore oddities on your skin or you might get an unpleasant surprise in the form of a skin graft. Celebrities are targets, there is no privacy for anyone anymore. Amazon has 5 new pilots to watch!

  6. Mostly thoughts on depression and suicide and police with tanks.

  7. We talk about downsizing, small living movement and why it might be a good idea.

  8. We talk about the deGrasse Tyson photo and Twitter tirades about it, Amazon’s letter to authors and claims about collusion between Hachette and their competitors, torture porn on TV and a few new shows.

  9. What do you think when someone posts about their experiences with a “PLEASE SHARE!” We kinda shy away, usually.

  10. We talk about gambling, people posting atrocity photos daily on social networks, coincidence and randomness and hate on a few new TV shows. We like The Bridge and Rectify, by the way.